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Ground Veal

Ground Veal

one pound
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Veal is a great addition to meatballs.  We like to use ground pork, ground beef and veal for the perfect flavor. 

We occasionally raise a bull calf up for veal.  We call it Rose Veal because of the color of the meat.  It's not white like veal sometimes can be.  Our veal has more color because it is coming from older animals.  We raise our veal calves for between 4 months-8months.  But anything less than a year can technically be called veal.  Veal can be a contentious food.  We take pride in the way we treat our animals and the lives they get to lead.  Even a young animal has had a good life here at Chaseholm, they drink milk and eat grass and hay.  They live with peers and often on their mom.   And for perspective, in case you weren't aware most pork is from animals around 6 months old and chickens are raised for about 6 weeks.